MER-G-P Series

MER-G-P Series​

MERCURY GigE PoE series (MER-G-P) camera is DAHENG IMAGING‘s mature area scan industrial digital camera, featuring various resolutions, outstanding performance, high definition and extremely low noise.

Thanks to the extremely compact (38.3mm×29mm×29mm), robust metal housings and locking screw connectors, the MERCURY cameras can secure the reliability of cameras deployed in harsh environments.

MERCURY GigE PoE series (MER-G-P) camera is powered over Ethernet and has opto-isolated I/Os. The GPIOs give MER-G-P maximum flexibility to adapt to specific needs. The camera has an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The MERCURY family cameras are especially suitable for machine vision applications such as industrial inspection, medical, scientific research, education, security and so on.

ModelResolution (Megapixel)Frame Rate (fps)Pixel Size (um) Sensor Size
MER-630-16GM/C-P 6.3162.41/1.8
MER-232-48GM-P NIR 2.3484.82/3
MER-201-25GM/C-P 2.0254.41/1.8
MER-133-54GM/C-P 1.3543.751/3
MER-1520-7GC-P 15.271.41/2.3
MER-1070-10GM/C-P 10.7101.671/2.3
MER-531-20GM/C-P 5.3204.81
MER-530-20GM-P NIR 5.3204.81
MER-504-10GM/C-P 5.0103.45 2/3
MER-503-20GM/C-P 5.0203.452/3
MER-500-14GM/C-P 5.0142.21/2.5
MER-231-41GM/C-P 2.3415.861/1.2
MER-131-75GM/C-P 1.3754.81/2
MER-131-75GM-P NIR 1.3754.8 1/2
MER-125-30GM/C-P 1.2303.751/3
MER-051-120GM/C-P 0.51204.81/3.6
MER-032-120GM/C-P 0.31207.4 1/3
MER-031-300GM/C-P 0.33004.81/4
MER-031-300GM-P NIR 0.33004.81/4