Area Scan Cameras

Area scan cameras use rectangular sensors that are comprised of a grid of pixels used to capture an image, which is ideal for still targets and capturing freeze frames of a scene.  

We offer a wide range of Area Scan Cameras design to suit almost any type of application, ranging from high performance cameras for very demanding projects to entry-level low cost cameras.

Line Scan Cameras

Line scan imaging uses a single line of sensor pixels to build up a two-dimensional image. The second dimension results from the motion of the object being imaged. Two-dimensional images are acquired line by line by successive single-line scans while the object moves past the line of pixels in the image sensor.

Smart Cameras

A smart camera is a self-contained and complete machine vision system without a PC, can capture and progress images, and communicate with other devices via I/O ports, serial ports, and Ethernet interfaces. 

The smart camera is an embedded system tightly combined software and hardware, in addition to capture images, is capable of analyzing and progressing images with image processing software, and communicating with other devices.