Basler Racer Series

Basler Racer Series

Exceptional performance – low space requirement

Basler racer line scan cameras shrink both the space required and the cost involved in securing superior speed, reliability and image quality. Measuring a slim 56mm, it’s a perfect fit for most any system — including multi-camera arrangements. It also fits your budget, with its pared down price and by delivering exceptional performance under low voltage LED lighting.

Our racer 2k, 4k and 6k models (raL2048-48gm, raL4096-24gm, raL6144-16gm) now also support the GigE Vision 2.0 standard. This allows to operate cameras in synchronicity and/or real-time without the need for additional cabling. Taking this progress a step further, many applications have now eliminated the need for extra hardware (the trigger box). In this scenario the cameras are triggered from within the software, including for synchronous operation.

The advantages of the Basler racer series include:

  • Resolutions: 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k, and 12k
  • Max. line rate of 80 kHz via Camera Link
  • Max. line rate of 51 kHz via GigE
  • PoCL (Power over Camera Link) functionality
  • Mini Camera Link plugs permit the use of low priced cables
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Fully quality tested and calibrated for consistently high performance and reliability
Camera ModelResolution (HxV)ResolutionLine RateMono/ColorInterface
raL2048-48gm2048 px x 1 px2k51 kHzMonoGigE
raL2048-80km2048 px x 1 px2k80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL4096-24gm4096 px x 1 px4k26 kHzMonoGigE
raL4096-80km4096 px x 1 px4k80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL6144-16gm6144 px x 1 px6k17 kHzMonoGigE
raL6144-80km6144 px x 1 px6k80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL8192-12gm8192 px x 1 px8k12 kHzMonoGigE
raL8192-80km8192 px x 1 px8k80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL12288-8gm12288 px x 1 px12k8 kHzMonoGigE
raL12288-66km12288 px x 1 px12k66 kHzMonoCamera Link