Basler Ace 2 Series

Basler Ace 2 Series

One camera series, two product lines. Always the right choice! Welcome to the next ace generation!

Valuable customer feedback and extensive experience from the first ace generation are combined in this new ace 2 camera series. Tailored to your different vision needs, the two product lines, ace 2 Basic and ace 2 Pro, offer excellent image quality thanks to state-of-the-art CMOS sensor technology from Sony, improved firmware and hardware with GigE or USB 3.0 interface, an optimized cable portfolio, easy handling and integration as well as compatibility with Basler’s extensive accessory portfolio. The difference between the two ace 2 product lines lies in the integrated features: a powerful Computer Vision feature set for standard vision needs or the unique new Beyond features from Basler for more demanding tasks with maximum performance. Your advantage: you only pay for what you really need.

An overview of the Basler ace 2 camera series

  • Two product lines: ace 2 Basic and ace 2 Pro – tailored to different vision needs
  • A total of 48 models featuring Sony sensors IMX392, IMX334/IMX334ROI, IMX540, IMX541 and IMX542 with resolutions from 2.3 MP to 24 MP and frame rates of up to 160 fps
  • Combining Sony’s latest Pregius S sensors with up to 24 MP in compact format with C-mount and global shutter
  • Small housing with proven 29 mm x 29 mm footprint
  • New, optimized hardware design with status LED on the back, improved mount, removable IR cut filter and robust M8 connector
  • New firmware concept
  • Fast and cost-effective software integration
  • Top price-performance ratio
  • Known reliability and longevity of Basler products with 3-year warranty
  • Compatible with Basler’s affordable accessory portfolio
  • Easy integration thanks to the pylon Camera Software Suite from Basler

Ace 2 Basic

Proven Basler reliability with extensive computer vision feature set for standard machine vision applications.

The highlights of the ace 2 Basic at a glance

  • Optimized hardware meets state-of-the-art CMOS sensor technology from Sony
  • Powerful Computer Vision feature set
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio for standard vision applications
ModelResolution (Megapixel)SensorFrame Rate (fps) Mono/Color Interface
a2A1920-51gmBAS2.3 IMX39251MonoGigE
a2A1920-51gcBAS2.3 IMX39251ColourGigE
a2A1920-160umBAS2.3 IMX392160MonoUSB 3.0
a2A1920-160ucBAS2.3IMX392160ColourUSB 3.0
a2A2590-22gmBAS5.0IMX334ROI22 MonoGigE
a2A2590-22gcBAS5.0IMX334ROI22 ColourGigE
a2A2590-60umBAS5.0IMX334ROI60MonoUSB 3.0
a2A2590-60ucBAS5.0IMX334ROI60ColourUSB 3.0
a2A3840-45umBAS8.3IMX33445MonoUSB 3.0
a2A3840-45ucBAS8.3IMX33445ColourUSB 3.0
a2A4504-18umBAS20.2IMX54118MonoUSB 3.0
a2A4504-18ucBAS20.2IMX54118ColourUSB 3.0
a2A5320-23umBAS16.1IMX54223MonoUSB 3.0
a2A5320-23ucBAS16.1IMX54223ColourUSB 3.0
a2A5328-15umBAS24.4IMX54015MonoUSB 3.0
a2A5328-15ucBAS 24.4IMX54015ColourUSB 3.0

Ace 2 Pro

All the benefits of the ace 2 Basic plus PGI feature set plus new, unique Beyond features from Basler for maximum performance.

The highlights of the ace 2 Pro at a glance:

  • Compression Beyond for higher bandwidth on GigE using lossless compression
  • Pixel Beyond for uncomplicated sensor redesign through individual adjustment of pixel size and sensor characteristics
  • Popular PGI feature set from Basler included
  • Excellent price/performance ratio for more demanding vision applications
ModelResolution (Megapixel)SensorFrame Rate (fps) Mono/Color Interface
a2A1920-51gmPRO2.3 IMX39251MonoGigE
a2A1920-51gcPRO2.3 IMX39251ColourGigE
a2A1920-160umPRO2.3 IMX392160MonoUSB 3.0
a2A1920-160ucPRO2.3IMX392160ColourUSB 3.0
a2A2590-22gmPRO5.0IMX334ROI22 MonoGigE
a2A2590-22gcPRO5.0IMX334ROI22 ColourGigE
a2A2590-60umPRO5.0IMX334ROI60MonoUSB 3.0
a2A2590-60ucPRO5.0IMX334ROI60ColourUSB 3.0
a2A3840-45umPRO8.3IMX33445MonoUSB 3.0
a2A3840-45ucPRO8.3IMX33445ColourUSB 3.0
a2A4504-18umPRO20.2IMX54118MonoUSB 3.0
a2A4504-18ucPRO20.2IMX54118ColourUSB 3.0
a2A5320-23umPRO16.1IMX54223MonoUSB 3.0
a2A5320-23ucPRO16.1IMX54223ColourUSB 3.0
a2A5328-15umPRO24.4IMX54015MonoUSB 3.0
a2A5328-15ucPRO24.4IMX54015ColourUSB 3.0